1. She Loves It, And We Do Too

    My mom was across the U.S. from all her children in the home we were raised in, and she had no intention of leaving after persuasion from all of us. She had become a little feebler with age, but in her mind, she was still 21. We all respected her views, but we knew she needed help along the way. We found Top Notch Nursing and Home Care, and we were all a little hesitant, not just mom, so we starte…Read More

    Helen Matsko
  2. They’re An Awesome Company

    I received a diagnosis that left me primarily homebound. As a retired United States Air Force man, I have lived an abundant life and have seen the world. My view was that I was the leader of the pack. So it was hard for me to accept that I needed to be protected and helped. But Top Notch Nursing and Home Care came to my home and gained my trust. I approved the whole team, and they earned my respec…Read More

    Lawrence Raymer
  3. They Came In Bright, Bubbly And With Helping Hands

    My brother suffered a stroke but remained fine in his mind. As time went on, though, he realized that help along the way would be a great idea. As his family, we also needed some assistance, and we all know that life moves forward no matter the personal pauses we take. We contacted Top Notch Nursing and Home Care initially. To warm up my brother, they came in bright and bubbly and with helping han…Read More

    Johnny Crump
  4. The Service Was Exceptional

    When my mother was diagnosed with bone cancer, my family life came to a halt. Out of the love we have for our mother, we sought out home care that could meet her needs. Top Notch Nursing and Home Care exceeded our goals by far. The service was exceptional, and they treated my mother as if she were their own family member. Our family will forever be grateful, not to mention the peace of mind knowin…Read More

    Patti H