Every year, millions of Americans take the time to provide unpaid care for family members that are elderly, disabled, or injured. They do that on top of their regular professional and personal responsibilities; to say it can be exhausting is an understatement. The fact is, to be an effective caregiver, you need to also attend to your own physical, mental, and emotional health; too often, that’s easier said than done.

Studies have shown that a majority of caregivers have very little or no support themselves, and have almost no preparation for their new role. The end result is that caregivers put themselves at very real risks due to complex situations stemming from their loved ones. They will likely experience problems with their own physical, mental, and emotional health, and in many instances, the strain becomes an influential reason for placing their loved ones into a long-term care facility.

At Top Notch Nursing & Home Care, we know that everybody needs a break. Therefore, we provide personalized respite care, designed to effectively match the individual needs of your loved one with one of our experienced caregivers. Whether it’s simply for a couple of hours during the day or multiple times a week, we can help out with light housekeeping, bathing, and dressing. Our respite care services free up time for you to run errands, get work done, or simply give yourself a much-deserved break.

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